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 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon - SDDC-EN028   10   A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon - SDDC-EN028   R$1,50  Buy Now 
 Blue-Eyes White Dragon - SDDC-EN004   4   Blue-Eyes White Dragon - SDDC-EN004   R$16,00  Buy Now 
 Book of Moon - SDDC-EN029   11   Book of Moon - SDDC-EN029   R$5,00  Buy Now 
 Burst Stream of Destruction - SDDC-EN025   3   Burst Stream of Destruction - SDDC-EN025   R$0,50  Buy Now 
 Call of the Haunted - SDDC-EN038   5   Call of the Haunted - SDDC-EN038   R$5,00  Buy Now 
 Card Trader - SDDC-EN033   7   Card Trader - SDDC-EN033   R$2,00  Buy Now 
 Chaos Zone - SDDC-EN024   1   Chaos Zone - SDDC-EN024   R$5,00  Buy Now 
 Darkflare Dragon - SDDC-EN002 - Ultra Rare   8   Darkflare Dragon - SDDC-EN002 - Ultra Rare   R$10,00  Buy Now 
 Vice Dragon - SDDC-EN009   11   Vice Dragon - SDDC-EN009   R$5,00  Buy Now 
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SDOK-PT002 - Avatar do Rei de Fogo Barong

SDOK-PT002 - Avatar do Rei de Fogo Barong

01.Book of Moon - SDDC-EN029
02.Call of the Haunted - SDDC-EN038
03.Darkflare Dragon - SDDC-EN002 - Ultra Rare
04.Burst Stream of Destruction - SDDC-EN025
05.A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon - SDDC-EN028